To schedule a placement test, currently enrolled LCN students should contact their academic advisor and request that a Placement Test Authorization form be sent to the Testing Center. Prospective students should request the Admissions Office to submit the form. Students should then contact the Testing Center in room 106A to schedule a testing appointment.

Students must complete placement testing before registering for any math and composition classes.

The placement test package includes 2 exams: math and composition.


  • The Math test allows students to select the level at which they wish to begin their exam and then shifts to more or less advanced topics based on the test taker’s performance. Calculators and scratch paper are provided.
  • The E-Write exam asks students to write a short essay in response to a prompt.


Scheduling Placement Tests

Contact an academic advisor or admissions counselor and ask them to submit the Placement Test Form. Then, contact the Testing Center in room 106 to schedule a test time.

It is recommended that students allow about 2 hours if they are taking both exams, but the amount of time needed varies according to the individual student’s test-taking style.

Students are allowed to retake placement exams with the following stipulations:

  • A $20 fee per test will be assessed for each subsequent attempt.
  • Students must wait at least one day after the initial attempt before repeating a test. It is strongly recommended that students do some additional review and preparation before repeating any exam.
  • Students may repeat each placement test only once a semester.